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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


The Annual Alumni Newsletter, what’s happening around Madelia and news about major community events.

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The Annual Alumni Newsletter, what’s happening around Madelia and news about major community events.

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A message from Alumni President, Christine Lensing

Dear Alumni,

The Alumni Association preserves the history of Madelia High School and recognizes the accomplishments of its graduates, so I would be remiss to not acknowledge Priscilla Helgo Severson, ’40, who passed away last fall. Over the years Priscilla served on the board of directors and was a valued resource person. Her commitment to documenting the history of Madelia High School was exceptional. She will be especially remembered for leading the project to compile, write, and publish the first three books in the series, ‘A Sentimental Journey’, depicting the history of our schools and the Alumni Association 1889-2001. Her presence, knowledge, and spirit will be missed.

While I am incredibly proud of our community and school, the past and present, I have an even deeper appreciation for the many alumni who strive to ensure its FUTURE. I am particularly impressed by the alumni response to the February 2016 fire that destroyed a significant portion of our Main Street. Early on, individuals and classes contributed generously to aid in the recovery. More recently, through the coordinated efforts of Margaret Murphy ’86 and a large group of alumni, many of whom live in the metro area, plans were made for a Twin Cities Alumni Event to help restore Madelia’s main street. (see page 2) How wonderful that so many individuals are willing to share their time and talents to host an event with the intent to celebrate and rebuild our hometown!

The Alumni Association helps coordinate All-School reunions, with the 2020 reunion fast approaching! That, too, will require significant planning and fundraising. We are grateful for the support offered in years past, whether financial contributions or service on the Alumni Board or event committees. We hope that support for this next All-School reunion will remain strong. If you are able to help in any way, please contact a member of the board of directors.

With class reunions this summer, and especially as the All-School Reunion draws near, I encourage you to stay connected through the Alumni Association’s website madeliaalumni.com. Send comments and inquiries to madeliaalumni@gmail.com You can also “Like” us on our Madelia High School Alumni Facebook page for updates and photos.

Finally, all graduates of Madelia High School are invited and encouraged to attend the 127th annual meeting of the Madelia High School Alumni Association. It will be held on Tuesday, July 18th at 6:30 PM in the Elementary School cafeteria.

Congratulations to the class of 1967 as it celebrates its 50th anniversary!


Christine Shaw Lensing ‘93



Welcome to the Class of 2017!